Choosing Racket Lengths

The main feature you should consider when buying a racket for your junior player is the length of the racket. Do not choose a racket that is too long that he or she cannot handle. It is better to fit a racket to a child based on his or her height, rather than according to the age of the child. The ability of the child is another factor to consider when choosing a racket. If your child has good hand-eye coordination, then he or she may have no trouble adapting to a longer frame. However, if your child has not yet developed this coordination, then a shorter racket will be more appropriate. Also, make certain that your child is learning the game through a professional who can teach the proper strokes and techniques.

Height (ft)
up to 3'10
3'11 - 4'5
4'6 - 4'11
5' or taller
Height (cm)
up to 118cm
119 - 135cm
136 - 150cm
151cm or taller
Racket length (in)
25" or 26"
27" or longer
Racket length (cm)
68.6cm or longer